Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) 1ML Syringe

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Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) 1ML Syringe

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Rick Simpson oil (RSO) is a highly potent, dark brown/black oil made from the flowers of the cannabis plant. RSO contains numerous healing compounds and is unusually high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). RSO’s namesake is Rick Simpson, a Canadian scientist and medical cannabis activist. When suffering from skin cancer, Simpson created a cannabis oil (known today as RSO), applied it to his skin, and days later, his cancer spots were reportedly gone. There is some early research suggesting that RSO and other forms of cannabis can help with cancer treatment.

RSO is an oily concentrate that comes from separating the plant’s cannabinoids and plant material, meaning the resin and trichomes are separated from the plant. RSO has some similarities to hash oil and other cannabis concentrates, but it tends to have higher levels of THC than regular cannabis oil, making it more potent. Some research shows that this strong combination of highly concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes can treat medical conditions such as cancer by “soaking” cells with cannabinoids, thus fighting cancerous cells. 

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